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In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 AD, and our project to build a human being, we believe in the importance of preserving the Arab spirit and cultural values that distinguish us as a people, and at the same time we realize that development and progress are necessary to interact with the modern world and the future.

Addendum announcement from Al Khaleej Training and Education Company regarding the company’s previous announcement of the Board of Directors’ approval to separate one of its affiliated activities (call centers) as an independent subsidiary (closed joint stock company) 100% owned


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Introduction Further to the company’s announcement published on the Tadawul website on 07/03/1443 AH corresponding to 13/10/2021 AD regarding the Board of Directors’ approval to separate one of its affiliated activities (call centers) as an independent subsidiary (a closed joint stock company) 100% owned with a capital of fifty million riyals ,

The company announces the completion of the procedures for establishing the company in the name of Advanced Systems and Solutions for Communications Company (a closed joint stock company) with Commercial Registration No. 1010369937 issued by the Commercial Registry Office in Riyadh on 04/02/1444 AH corresponding to 31/08/2022 AD, provided that the company’s head office is In the city of Riyadh

Date of Posting the Previous Announcement of Development on Tadawul’s Website 2021-10-13 Corresponding to 1443-03-07
Hyperlink to the Previous Announcement Click Here
Change on the Development Completion of the official establishment of the company and the issuance of the commercial registration of the company
Financial Impact on the change A separate bank account was opened in the name of the company and the value of the capital was deposited in the account


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