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Al Khaleej Training and Education Company announces the signing of a project contract with King Saud University


Introduction Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company announces that it has received today the copy signed by the rector of King Saud University regarding the project contract concluded with King Saud University
Date of Announcement of the Award 2021-07-14 Corresponding to 1442-12-04
Contract Subject Matter Providing operational staff to teach English language skills
Date of Signing the Contract 2021-09-02 Corresponding to 1443-01-25
Contract Value 36,671,418.96 SAR
Contract Details The company provides an operational staff to teach English language skills to students of practical and engineering faculties in the joint first year deanship at the university.
Contract Duration 1 year
Financial Impact and the Relevant Period The financial impact of this contract will appear during the year 2021 and after
Related Parties There are no related parties


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