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Al Khaleej Training and Education Company announces the specification of the period for Rights Issue Trading and New Shares Subscription


Introduction Al Khaleej Training and Education Company announces the specification of the period for Rights Issue Trading and New Shares Subscription.
Right Issuses and New Shares Subscription Period Start Date 2021-11-08 Corresponding to 1443-04-03
Right Issues Trading Period End Date 2021-11-15 Corresponding to 1443-04-10
New Shares Subscription Period End Date 2021-11-18 Corresponding to 1443-04-13
Trading Right Issues and Subscription to New Shares Holders of right Issues are allowed to exercise their right to subscribe in new shares (in full or in part) up to the number of right issues available in their portfolios, trading in right issues and subscription to new shares for registered shareholders and new investors shall be as per the prospectus
Details on Remaining Offering With regard to the details of the Rump Offering Shares, the Company would like to draw the attention of the investors that in the event shares remain unsubscribed, those rump shares and fractional shares will be offered to Institutional Investors as mentioned in the Prospectus, and the underwriter Arab National Investment Company undertook to underwrite the Rights Issue shares of Al Khaleej Training and Education Company in the event the entire subscription is not fully covered.
Notification for Investors not Willing to Subscribe Attention of Investors not willing to subscribe is drawn to the importance of selling the righ issues they hold during the specified trading period to avoid the resulting decline in the value of their investment portfolios as a result of not benefiting from their rights, whether by way of sale or subscription
For Daily Fluctuation in Right Issues Closing Prices during Rights Trading Period
For the Indicative Value of the Right
For Further Details on the Mechanism of Right Issues Trading and Subscription to New Shares
For the Prospectus of Company’s Capital Increase through the Issuance of Right Issues
Additional Information Eligible shareholders are those who own shares at the end of the trading day of the Extraordinary General Assembly approving the capital increase on 28/03/1443H (corresponding to 03/11/2021G).


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