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Al Khaleej Training and Education Company Announces the Results of Right Issues Trading and New Shares Subscription, and the details of Selling Unsubscribed Shares


Introduction Al Khaleej Training and Education Company announces the results of the Rights Issue Trading and New Shares Subscription, as well as the details of the Unsubscribed Shares sale.
Total Number of Subscribed Shares out of the total Number of New Offered Shares A number of (17,849,800) shares were subscribed from the new offered shares out of total number of (20,000,000) new shares.
Value of the Subscribed Shares SAR 178,498,000
Coverage Percentage out of Total New Offered Shares (%) 89.25 %
Remaining Offering Mechanism Rump Shares will be offered at a minimum of the Offering Price to a number of Institutional Investors, and such Institutional Investors shall submit offers to purchase the Rump Shares. Rump Shares will be allocated to the Institutional Investors with the highest bid, then the lowest and the lowest. The shares will be allocated proportionately to the Institutional Investors submitting the same offer. As for Fractional Shares (if any), they will be added to the Rump Shares and treated similarly.
Remaining Offering Start Date 2021-11-23 Corresponding to 1443-04-18
Remaining Offering End Date 2021-11-24 Corresponding to 1443-04-19
Specification of the Remaining Offering Period Hours The Rump Offering Period for the unsubscribed shares amounting to (2,150,200) shares, shall start at 10:00 am on Tuesday 18/04/1443H, (corresponding to 23/11/2021G) and continue until 5:00 pm on Wednesday 19/04/1443H, (corresponding to 24/11/2021G).
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