Our Services

In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 AD, and our project to build a human being, we believe in the importance of preserving the Arab spirit and cultural values that distinguish us as a people, and at the same time we realize that development and progress are necessary to interact with the modern world and the future.
Therefore, we seek to provide all the tools and resources that a person needs to be distinguished in all aspects of his life without affecting his identity, starting from the early stages of his life, all the way to the stage in which he owns his own activity, as follows:


Al-Khaleej Group owns a series of international and private schools, kindergartens, and buds under the name of Ruwwad Al Khaleej schools, which is a series of schools spread in 12 branches around the kingdom, in which we seek to provide integrated educational services to raise future leaders who are able to keep abreast of the continuous developments in life and at the same time proud of their Arab identity and able to leave their own mark everywhere.

Our schools are divided into international and private schools, in addition to having special education departments to serve people with autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity and distraction, and Al-khaleej group also acquires other private schools such as Ruqi, Al-Faisaliah, and pioneer model schools as well.