Everything you need to know about Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group

Everything you need to know about Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group

October 2023 . By wessam

“Building young cadres who carry the international elements of experience and skill, cherish their Arab origin and heritage, and reflect it in their influential footprint in all local and international forums”

This was the vision from which the idea of Al-Khaleej Group Training and Education began, with a big dream to be the effective mediator between the rapid changes in various fields of knowledge and between ambitious individuals wishing to learn and develop.

But such a dream had to be properly prepared so that it would become not a part of a phased period in the lives of individuals but a partner in all stages of their lives.

It was a difficult challenge, but we overcame it! How?

Let’s figure it out together by going back to the beginning of the road.

The beginning of Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group

Initially, Al-Khaleej Company was established on May 29, 1413, corresponding to November 25,1992, and was registered as a limited liability company under the name of Al-Khaleej for Training and Electronic industries, but its presence on the ground was formed in its first branches in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Riyadh branch for women.

Al-Khaleej start-up for training and education was focused on the training sector only, so its activity was represented in specialized training courses in teaching individuals the English language, management, and business sciences, as well as advanced technical and technological sciences.

The target audience in this era was concentrated on individuals wishing to develop their professional and personal skills, including recent graduates, employees, and workers in various fields.

Yes, it is a good start, but it does not yet reflect the big dream of the founders to transfer all international experiences to young Arab cadres, so the factors of place and language had to be overcome by transferring these experiences exclusively in Arabic by experienced professional cadres with scientific certificates certified by international bodies.

The first of these steps was in 1994, when Al-Khaleej succeeded in obtaining the commercial franchise of New Horizons International centers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, specializing in providing professional courses and certificates in the fields of technology and computers.

Al-Khaleej Group’s steps did not stop there; they were followed by another global step in the field of training, as it acquired the exclusive franchise rights of Direct English in 1998. A group of global training centers affiliated with the British Linguaphone which specializes in providing professional courses in general English and business.

 Stations that formed Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group

So far, the beginnings of Al-Khaleej Training and Education seem to be limited to the training sector only, but this is not entirely true, in addition to its early investments in the training sector and its success in obtaining commercial franchises for many international entities such as Direct English, New Horizons, Crestcom, Formula-A, bingo, and Vogue.

It has also worked in parallel to develop serious steps in the fields of education, business solutions, beauty, physical, and psychological health, but how? Let’s explain it in detail:

Al-Khaleej’s investments in the field of education

We agreed that the dream of Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group was from the beginning to be a partner of knowledge at all stages of human life, so it was obvious that Al-Khaleej had a clear imprint in the field of international and private education by opening the first branches of Al-Khaleej Pioneers International Schools in Dammam in 2010.

From a humble beginning with one branch in Dammam, Ruwwad Al Khaleej International and private schools are now spread across 12 branches around the kingdom, especially Riyadh, Dammam, Dhahran, Jeddah, and Khobar, in addition to a series of achievements and honorable academic successes that make it one of the most important international and private schools preferred by parents and internationally accredited by the American Cognia Foundation.

In addition to the interest of Ruwwad Al Khaleej International Schools in international and private education, the school administration has also been keen to give wide attention to special education by forming special sections in our branches equipped with trained professional cadres and specially designed curricula to help our children with autism spectrum disorder, hyperactivity, and distraction overcome learning difficulties and exploit their abilities to identify themselves and society in a correct and easy way.

In addition to the branches of Ruwwad Al-Khaleej International and private schools, Al-Khaleej Group also has the right to acquire other educational projects, such as the acquisition of Al-Roqi private schools in 2022, the acquisition of Al-Faisaliah private Schools by 87%, as well as the pilot model schools in Riyadh.




Al-Khaleej’s investments in the field of training

The acquisition of franchising rights for both Direct English and New Horizons was not the only one in the training sector, as Al-Khaleej Group also acquired the British Linguaphone Group by 100% in 2009. Which is one of the largest international companies specializing in providing professional courses and certificates in the fields of education, training, and languages.

Al-Khaleej group has other international investments in the field of training by owning Fast Lane, a company specializing in providing professional consulting and technical training for individuals and companies.

As well as the Al-Khaleej training and information technology company located in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the online trading academy, which specializes in teaching dealing with various currencies and the global stock exchange markets.

In addition to management and language training, Al-Khaleej group also has major investments in specialized professional training in the fields of multimedia, professional design, and graphics, in cooperation with the ADMS professional company in Dubai.

In addition to its investments in the fields of self-development and leadership through its subsidiaries, Franklin coffee, in which it owns more than 51% of its share.





Al-Khaleej investments in Business Solutions

Jobzella Business Solutions is one of the subsidiaries of Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group, a company established in 2013 and acquired by Al-Khaleej Group in 2015.

It is one of the largest professional networks in the Middle East, specializing in providing professional consulting and outsourcing services.

As well as providing digital solutions from the production, manufacturing, and design of content in all its forms to the management, holding, and marketing of various events as well.

Through Jobzella business solutions, Al-Khaleej provides many professional services, such as business solutions, marketing, outsourcing, recruitment, project operation, training solutions, event organization, as well as programming and IT solutions.

 Al-Khaleej investments in the fields of beauty and physical health

Since physical and psychological health is an integral part of one’s interests and a constant companion at all stages of one’s life, Al-Khaleej Group has been keen to break into the fields of beauty and physical health as well, but in a professional and academic manner.

Where the latter succeeded in owning the commercial franchise of Vogue International, a company specializing in professional beauty services, in addition to the commercial franchise of Formula-A, a company that specializes in providing training courses for women in the fields of beauty and women’s concern management.

Additionally, its investments in the field of fitness and physical health are in the form of the Spectrum Center, which specializes in physical and health care for women.

Al-Khaleej commercial concessions for training and education

Al-Khaleej Group owns more than 12 local and international commercial franchises, some of which are owned by Al-Khaleej Group as exclusive commercial franchises in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, and some of which it grants as a franchisor to centers that want to benefit from its various services and training curricula, as follows:

Al-Khaleej commercial concessions for training and education:

  • New Horizons: specializing in technical and technological education and training services
  • Direct English: specializing in English language education
  • Crestcom: specializing in leadership training for individuals and companies.
  • Formula-A: specializing in beauty courses and management of women’s concerns
  • Bingo: specializing in teaching children English in interactive ways.
  • Vogue: professional beauty salon for women

Commercial privileges granted by Al-Khaleej Training and Education:

  • High-growth training company
  • Jazan Higher Training Institute
  • Al-Khaleej Vision Higher Training Institute
  • Al-Khaleej Arabian Group Limited
  • Al-Salama Training Institute
  • Ali Mohammed Al Tamimi Company
  • Ben Shafi Higher Training Institute

Looking at the previous lines, we can see how the previous steps and stations have come together in the formation of Al-Khaleej’s message of training and education.

A message that, if we wish to shorten it into specific words, will be: we educate, train, develop, and establish.

If we wish to elaborate, it will be as follows:

  • We educate young people through a series of international and private schools and professional special education departments.
  • We train through international and local training institutes and centers specializing in administrative, technical, investment, languages, and cosmetology fields.
  • We develop through professional portals specialized in professional consulting and career development.
  • We establish a business through commercial franchising rights granted to us and business solutions services.
Al-Khaleej Group for training and education now

When you follow the course of our achievements over the past thirty years, you will find that it is natural that Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group has reached what it is now.

Not only with huge sectors in the fields of training, education, communication, and investments but also in the language of numbers, which we can explain as follows:

Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group now owns:
  • 4 acting call centers, which are the largest in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are represented by the company “Smart Link”.
  • +80 centers and + 400 equipped training laboratories.
  • 12 international and private schools are spread in the main cities of the kingdom.
  • +40 international awards in many international forums.
  • The best training center from Microsoft for 11 years in a row.
  • Cisco performance excellence globally.
  • First place in the world as the best centers of the New Horizon Group around the world.
  • 25 allies of major international companies and international educational institutions.
  • +50,000 individual customers.
  • +2500 corporate clients.
  • +2200 professional trainers.
  • +5500 employees and workers.
  • +8 educational projects with major universities.
  • One of the 500 most powerful companies in the Middle East, according to Forbes magazine.

All these figures give you a small glimpse of what Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group has achieved in its busy career over the past thirty years, but is it the end?

In fact, no; in his last speech at the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary, Mr. Alwaleed Al-Daraian, CEO of Al-Khaleej Training and Education Group, said that the past is part of the company’s larger goal of building a human being and that this goal continues at all stages of an individual’s life and keeps pace with all the changes he is going through, whether at the level of required expertise, the quality of education, as well as the nature of business, and what updates he finds on it.

Therefore, it is not strange that these figures speak daily with more progress and successes, especially in the presence of customers who support and believe in the idea, such as our customers and staff, who spare no effort in order to provide the best quality and service to everyone.