“Al-Khaleej Training and Education”: thirty years of preparation for future leaders

“Al-Khaleej Training and Education”: thirty years of preparation for future leaders

October 2023 . By wessam

Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company celebrated its thirtieth anniversary since its establishment, as it started in 1993 as the first training company in the Saudi market, where it launched its first branches at Riyadh, Jeddah, and Al Khobar, to expand after that and obtain many commercial franchises for international training centers and open private and international schools around the kingdom.

The journey of Al-Khaleej Training and Education, which began thirty years ago, has resulted today in the stature of young talents who have derived their knowledge from a selection of the best experts in various fields who work with Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company to raise generations armed with science and knowledge to lead the nation and contribute constructively to its renaissance and growth.

Today, Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company owns twelve schools that serve students at all stages of basic education, starting from the age of buds to the university.

Al-Khaleej Training and Education opened the First School of the series of Al-Khaleej Pioneers International Schools at Dammam in 1431 Ah (2010 ad) to continue publishing this series in more than one branch in Riyadh city in the neighborhoods of Cordoba, Hattin, and others.

Today, the number of schools affiliated with Al-Khaleej Training and Education is 12 international and private schools and special education departments, spread in Riyadh, Dammam, Jeddah, Dhahran, and Khobar.

As for the training sector, Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company has continued to achieve its distinctive vision of being the first choice for science and knowledge seekers in the Kingdom and the Middle East.

The company owns 36 higher institutes and training centers and more than 1,500 training activities in the fields of computer, English language, and management training.

It also offers a package of professional certificates supported by the Human Resources Development Fund, in addition to 12 international franchises for many international and local training centers, including New Horizon, Direct English, Christcom, Vogue, Bingo, and others.

Al-Khaleej also owns a group of subsidiaries that vary in their fields, ranging from training, education, business solutions, and others.

The top of these companies are Jobzella Business Solutions, Lenoafon UK, Fast Lane, and the Online Trading Academy. In addition to the acquisition of private, Faisaliah, and model entrepreneurship schools, as well as global investments with international companies such as Spectrum and Vogue.

During this continuous expansion and growth, Al-Khaleej Company has maintained the highest level of quality of educational services over the past years, as it received the best training center award from Microsoft Arabia for 11 years in a row.

As well, it won the Excellence in Performance award from Cisco at the level of the New Horizons Network around the world. Also, the New Horizons training centers that are affiliated with Al-Khaleej Training and Education ranked first in the world in 2022 as the best training centers in the world.

Celebrating its thirtieth anniversary, engineer Alwaleed Al-Deraan affirmed his pride in what Al-Khaleej Training and Education has achieved so far, where they have trained more than 50,000 clients and cooperated with more than 2,500 companies, thanks to the honest efforts of more than 4,500 employees and 2,200 trainers.

Al-Khaleej Training and Education Company promises to spare no effort to develop its role in our beloved homeland and achieve the kingdom’s Vision 2030.