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New Horizons DevTalk

Sessions Information

City: Riyadh
Venue: Marriott Courtyard, Olaya

13th of February 2020
Time: 09:15 am to 02:45 pm

We are thrilled to announce our first New Horizons DevTalk session in 2020. “The 4th Industrial Revolution”, the name given to the combination of traditional industrial platforms and practices with the latest emerging technologies. You only need to do an Internet search on Industry 4.0 to see the host of companies telling you to invest in digital transformation, but investing in the latest emerging technologies will only benefit your organization if you have a workforce prepared to deal with the mountains of data being collected. In this session you will learn what your organization needs to do to build a digital-ready workforce.

Our speakers from the UK and US will focus on:

Emerging Technology:

An overview of emerging technologies and the skills needed to be successful with your implementations.

Data Analytics and Science :

IoT infrastructure to help you uncover challenges for consideration and the impact that IoT has on your organization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI concepts and the benefits for your business.

Session Agenda

Event Speakers Bios

Logical Operations Managing Director, EMEA/India, and together with his team is responsible for helping training organizations, learning institutions and governments in distributing learning tools and resources to improve employee competency development. He has vast experience in both private and public sectors in learning modality development, distribution and evangelism, has a strong personal interest reducing the growing skills gap to help organizations be more competitive, as well as providing opportunities to youth and future generations of leaders regardless of their background across continents. James continues his lifelong passion of playing tennis at elite level, satisfies his musical interest by playing the bass and volunteers as a Big Brother for disadvantaged children who have been subjected to domestic violence.

As President of CertNexus, Jeff Felice is responsible for advancing the company’s mission of closing the emerging technology skills gap. With 25 years of experience within the training and certification industry, serving in general management and practice leadership roles, Jeff combines his passion for professional performance with technology to bring change within global organizations while improving the opportunities for individuals in emerging tech. When not working towards improving the lives of others Jeff can be found doing the same for his own as a husband, reader, yogi, and cyclist.