Introduction The Board of Directors of Al Khaleej Training and Education Company is pleased to invite shareholders to participate and vote in the Regular General Assembly meeting (the first meeting), which is scheduled to be held, at 6:30 pm on Tuesday 13/10/1442 AH corresponding to 25/05/2021 AD virtually through conference technology tools using the Tadawulaty system, in order to ensure the safety of dealers in the financial market and supporting the preventive and precautionary efforts and measures imposed by the competent and relevant health authorities, responding to the pandemic Corona virus (COVID-19), and as an extension of the continuous efforts made by all government agencies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to take the necessary preventive procedures to prevent its spread,
City and Location of the General Assembly’s Meeting Through virtual conference technology broadcasting from the company’s headquarters in Riyadh, Street No. 64 intersecting east with Olaya Street, Building No. 9, Olaya district.
URL for the Meeting Location https://tadawulaty.com.sa
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting 2021-05-25 Corresponding to 1442-10-13
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting 18:30
Attendance Eligibility Shareholders Registered in the Issuer’s Shareholders Registry in the Depository Centre At the End of the Trading Session Preceding the General Assembly’s Meeting as per Laws and Regulations
Quorum for Convening the General Assembly’s Meeting The meeting of the Ordinary General Assembly shall be valid if attended by shareholders representing at least a quarter of the capital, and if this quorum necessary for holding this meeting is not available, the second meeting will be held one hour after the end of the period specified for the first meeting, and the second meeting will be valid regardless of the number of shares represented in it .
General Assembly Meeting Agenda 1. Voting on the company’s financial statements for the fiscal year ending 31-12-2020 AD.2. Voting on the company’s auditor report for the fiscal year ending 31-12-2020 AD.

3. Voting on the report of the company’s board of directors for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2020 AD.

4. Voting to appoint the company’s auditor from the candidates, based on the recommendation of the Audit Committee, to examine, review and audit the financial statements for the (second, third, fourth quarters) and annual of the fiscal year 2021 AD and the first quarter of the fiscal year 2022 AD, and determine their fees.

5. Voting on the Board of Director’s recommendation to distribute cash dividends to shareholders for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2020 AD at a rate of 0.25 one quarter of one riyal per share, which is equivalent to (2.5%) of the nominal value per share in a total amount of (11,250,000) Eleven million two hundred fifty thousand riyals, provided that the shareholders who own the shares on the day of the assembly and who are registered in the company’s shareholders register at the Depository Center are eligible for the second trading day following the date of the meeting, and the date of dividend distribution will be announced later.

6. Vote on absolving the members of the company’s board of directors’ liability for the fiscal year ending 31-12-2020 AD.

7. Vote to disburse an amount of (900,000) nine hundred thousand riyals as a bonus to the members of the company’s board of directors for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2020 AD.

8. Voting to authorize the company’s board of directors of the power of the general assembly of shareholders based on clause (1) of Article 71 of the Companies policy for a period of one year from the date of the approval of the general assembly of shareholders or until the end of the period of the authorized board of directors, whichever is earlier according to the conditions mentioned in the regulatory controls and procedures issued by the Capital Market Authority in implementation of the Companies Law for Listed Joint Stock Companies.

9. Voting on the community service responsibility policy.

Proxy Form
E-Vote The honorable shareholders registered on the Tadawulaty Services website will be able to vote electronically on the assembly’s items effective 10 am. On Friday 09/10/1442 AH corresponding to 21/05/2021 AD until the end of the assembly time. Registration and voting on Tadawulaty services will be available free of charge to all shareholders using the following link: https://tadawulaty.com.sa
Eligibility for Attendance Registration and Voting Eligibility for Registering the Attendance of the General Assembly’s Meeting Ends upon the Convenience of the General Assembly’s Meeting. Eligibility for Voting on the Business of the Meeting Agenda Ends upon the Counting Committee Concludes Counting the Votes
Method of Communication For any further enquiries or information please contact our shareholder’s relationship department on phone number 0114623260 ext. 1593, or by e-mail:adel-amin@alkhaleej.com.sa
Additional Information All documents related to the above-mentioned assembly items are attached to the announcement.
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The Capital Market Authority and the Saudi Stock Exchange take no responsibility for the contents of this disclosure, make no representations as to its accuracy or completeness, and expressly disclaim any liability whatsoever for any loss arising from, or incurred in reliance upon, any part of this disclosure, and the issuer accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in it and confirms, having made all reasonable enquiries, that to the best of their knowledge and belief, there are no other facts or information the omission of which would make the disclosure misleading, incomplete or inaccurate.