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Reference to the announcement of Al khaleej Training and Education Company on the Capital Market website (Tadawul) on 09/03/1442 AH corresponding to 26/10/2020 regarding the invitation to attend the Ordinary General Assembly meeting (the first meeting), which will be held, God Almighty’s will, at 6:30 pm on Monday 06/05/1442 AH corresponding to 21/12/2020 AD in Riyadh, by means of modern technology, using tadawulati system,

Whereas the announcement of the invitation to the aforementioned General Assembly precedes the CMA circular issued on 15/03/1442 AH corresponding to 01/11/2020 AD, which allowed the holding of general assemblies in the presence or through modern technology means, the aforementioned general assembly will be held only through modern technology means Shareholders can attend online via the electronic link that will be available through the Tadawulati system.

Accordingly, Al Khaleej Training and Education Company is pleased to announce to its esteemed shareholders registered in Tadawulati Services that remote electronic voting on the Association’s items will be available on the Tadawulati Services website, starting from (10) in the morning on Thursday 02/05/1442 AH corresponding to 17/12/2020 AD And it continues until the end of the assembly time,

Note that registration and voting in Tadawulaty services is available and free of charge to all shareholders using the following link: www.tadawulaty.com.sa

For more information on how to vote electronically, a guide for electronic voting is attached to you.

In the event of any inquiries about the meeting terms, we hope to contact the Shareholders Relations Department at the e-mail: adel-amin@alkhaleej.com.sa with the necessity to attach a copy of the shareholder’s identity.

God grants success.

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