Introduction The Company received a letter from the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) on Tuesday 19/02/2019 stating the approval of the proposal submitted by the Company to renew the existing contract for another period of 3 years starting from 01/01/2020 for the operation and management of the communication centers and the development of the operational facility for unified Call Centers which is due to expire on 31/12/2019.
Date of Contract Award 2019-02-19 Corresponding to 1440-06-14
Contract Value 34,088,832 SAR
Expected Date of signing the contract 2020-01-01 Corresponding to 1441-05-06
Contract Details The company will operate, manage and develop the communication centers for the Unified Call Centers for the Saudi Arabian Monitory Agency.
Related Parties There are no related parties
Additional Information The contract will be announced upon signing by both parties.

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