Al Khaleej Training and Education is pleased shareholders notice that they can vote for after the terms of the ordinary general meeting which will be held, God willing, at exactly four o’clock on Monday, 11/07/1437 H corresponding to 18/04/2016 AD, at the company’s headquarters Olaya- in Riyadh, .as will as all the registered shareholders in tadawulaty Services site can e-vote by using their tadawulaty services starting at ten in the morning on Monday, 12/06/1437 H corresponding to 21/03/2016 till eleven o’clock in the morning of the day of the Assembly dated 11/07/1437 H corresponding to 18/04/2016 and therefore we request all the company’s shareholders to participate and vote for it by visiting the website (note that registration in Trades and Services Available to vote free to all shareholders)

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