Our journey

Since our establishment in 1993 and throughout our 30-year journey with you, we have been constantly seeking to transfer international expertise to the Arab with a local vision, but in order to do this to the fullest, we had to adopt a larger and more important project; a project that starts with a person from a young age and continues with him successively at different stages of his life.

It was a difficult challenge at first, but with clients who believe in our mission and a team working hard to achieve it, this project turned into a huge reality, reflected in the form of a series of international projects and international schools.


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And now we have


An ally of major companies and institutions in the training sector


Commercial franchise and subsidiaries




International award






Corporate clients


Individual clients


Training lab


International and private schools


Educational projects


Acting call centers which are the largest in the kingdom

Our vision

To be your first choice during your journey in the search of knowledge, starting from the early stages of your life, in which we share the journey with you through our international and private schools, through the period when our institutes and training centers accompany you specialized in obtaining the ideal job, up to the moment when we help you to establish a successful project and start it in the right way through our various professional consultations.

Our mission

We believe that human building is the core of our mission and the ultimate goal of our work. We strive to make a positive and sustainable impact on the lives of the individuals and communities we serve. Our mission is to develop the human being comprehensively, enhance his abilities and empower him to become the best possible version of himself.

Our values